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When we created a platform for creators to make their Bite-Sized Magazines, we had two options: either keep the platform open for all to post or only allow access to those who are really passionate about content creation.

We chose the latter because we believe that an open for all platform, more often than not, ends up becoming a hub for spam and non-value-adding content thus ruining the curated experience we offer our readers.

Anatomy of a Stack.

Pilot Lineup.

A Pilot lineup is a series of your first 3 posts that will go up on Volume.
Similar to how a Pilot Episode allows a TV show production house to decide whether or not to go forward with the show, a Pilot Lineup allows our Editors and Designers to check if your content falls in line with our quality guidelines.

Once you are given creator access, you are free to post how much ever you want as long as you follow the Guidelines.



The Stack cover art is the cover art of your entire magazine and should contain an essence of what your magazine is about.

The title name should be prominently visible on the cover art.

The description should contain a brief synopsis of what your Stack is about.


A post within a Stack can consists of a maximum of 20 slides.

There should be a minimum of 4 slides (including the cover).

Each slide is 1080 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in height (9:16 Aspect Ratio).

The first slide is always the thumbnail and acts as the cover art to your post.

The cover art has to be prominent, legible and should contain the title of the Post. The cover art should not contain any paragraphs.

The text inside the slides should have an adequate font size (minimum 42 px) to read without forcing the reader to bring the phone close to their face.

There should be a contrast between the background and the text to make sure every word is visible.

Make sure there is a Call-To-Action Slide (last slide) or conclusion to all your content (do not end the content abruptly).

Make sure every content goes through a Grammar check. You can use free tools like Grammarly to correct spelling mistakes and grammar before designing a post.

Refrain from using content that promotes hate speech, racism, or violence.


Make sure the images are in PNG/JPEG format.

Each post should be put inside a folder numbered sequentially.

All 3 folders containing the posts need to be compressed into a Zip Folder while submitting the Pilot Lineup.

Once accepted, you will receive an email and become a part of our exclusive Creator Community on Discord.

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